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what can you do?

There are many many abandoned dogs and animals in shelters all over the world who deserve a better life. Neglect and cruelty in this modern world has become all too common. Something needs to change. Maybe you can help!



Have you ever wanted a dog in your life? Now is the time! The charity Spanish Stray Dogs have access to over 300 dogs who are all looking for a home. In order to extract them from the Los Barrios pound Spanish Stray Dogs look for people who can adopt a dog.

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donate to spanish stray dogs

Not everyone can home a dog. That is ok. One way you can help is by a regular donation. The shelter in Los Barrios is over run with dogs who need food, bedding and medicines. A donation from you to Spanish Stray Dogs can go along way in helping the volunteers to provide the essential requirements to keep the dogs as healthy as possible.


volunteer at your local shelter or pound

Shelters and sanctuaries are always struggling to keep up with the ever growing problem of abandonment and cruelty. By offering them your time to carry out day to day chores you would be helping relieve some of the burden and pressure that they are under.